Your Israeli Soundtrack for July

Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

We play you the latest Israeli tunes, including Static & Ben-El’s debut album and brand new tracks from Moshe Peretz, Noa Kirel, Louis Ali and many more.


  • Forever Gever – Anna Zak
  • Trilali Tralala – Noa Kirel ft Ilan Peled
  • Ba Li Tov – Bar G
  • Tirkedi – Moshe Peretz ft Gil Vine
  • Kosot Reikot – Static & Ben-El Tavori ft Lior Narkis
  • Shiva Yerachim – Static & Ben-El Tavori
  • Efes Ma’amatz – Static & Ben-El Tavori ft Netta Barzilay
  • Robinson Crusoe – Static & Ben-El Tavori ft Ran Dankner
  • One Two – Carakukly ft Peled
  • Tiko Tiko – Shachar Soul
  • HaKina’a – Nofar Solomon
  • Al Tagidi Li Lo – Louis Ali
  • Boker Tov – Doli & Penn ft Nasrin & Anna Zak
  • HaLev Sheli – Ron Shuval ft Koko Mi’Eilat
  • Ahava Nafshi – Ofer Nisim ft Harel Ska’at
  • Chai (DJ Or Moyal Remix) – Eli Herzlich
  • Chalon LaYam – Dudu Aharon

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1 comment on “Your Israeli Soundtrack for July

  1. Ana Ferer says:

    Can American buy the new cd Static and Ben El

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