Your Bonus Israeli Soundtrack for August

Photo: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

With the support of our first ever Rothschild patrons, we’re able to bring you a special bonus episode this month where we take a look at contemporary Israeli music that’s been inspired by ancient Jewish sources


  • Yom Hashishi – Omer Adam
  • Kol HaNachalim Zormim LaYam – Ahavat HaAretz
  • MiMa’amakim – Idan Raichel
  • VaDavid Yefe Einayim – A-WA
  • Goliat – Kaveret
  • Yechezkel – HaChalonot HaG’vohim
  • Shir HaMaalot – Sheva
  • Yitgadal V’Yitkadash – Haim Israel
  • Shema Yisrael – Sarit Hadad
  • Ochila – Ishay Ribo
  • Nafshi – Ishay Ribo & Motty Steimetz
  • Seder Ha’Avoda – Ishay Ribo

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