Your Israeli Soundtrack for September

Photo: Yossi Aloni/Flash90

We’re starting off the new year in style with a collection of new releases guaranteed to get you bouncing to the beat, including new tracks from Subliminal, Itai Levi, Eden Ben Zaken, Omer Adam and many more.


  • Korkinet – Moshiko Mor ft DJ Tamix
  • Chaser – Noi Fadlon
  • Shufuni – Sapir Saban ft Kevin Rubin
  • Chatzi Meshuga’at – Nasrin Kadri
  • Shabbat L’Shabbat – Subliminal ft Amir Benayoun
  • Kick Bass – Shachar Soul
  • Ram Merim – Shekel
  • Kol Sof Yom – Eden Derso
  • Tzarich K’tzat – Teddy Neguse
  • Yalla – Dekel Vaknin
  • Tulum – Moshe Peretz ft Kobi M & DJ Jedri X
  • Mamtak – Eden Ben Zaken
  • Yesh Li Yom Huledet – Itay Levi
  • Dale Mami – Omer Adam ft Nicky Jam
  • Chatzi Dafuk – Omer Adam
  • Acharei HaChatuna – Omer Adam
  • Simla Aduma – Omer Adam

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