Your Israeli Soundtrack for April

Photo: Arie Leib Abrams/Flash90

We take a listen to the brand new album by Eyal Golan, and the recent collaboration by Dudu Aharon and Eden Meiri. We’ll also hear recent hits from Noa Kirel, Ann B, Ro’i Sendler and others.


Pa’amon – Noa Kirel ft DJ Itai Galu

Motek – Leeshay Solomon

Pardon – Ann B ft Alex Ilagna

Boker – Tal Vaknin

Million Shirim – Eyal Golan

Chatuna MiMabat Rishon – Eyal Golan

Chatz Meshuga’at – Eyal Golan Ohevet

Oti – Dudu Aharon & Eden Me’iri
Ze Lo Kore Li – Dudu Aharon & Eden Me’iri

Seranada – Eden Me’iri

Ten – Ro’i Sendler

B’Yom Shishi – Eyal Golan

Tagidi – Riko ft Liron Ofir

Tagidi Ken – Li Biron

Yeled Mossad – Jeremiah

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