Your Israeli Soundtrack for October

Photo: Oren Ben Hakoon/Flash90

We’ve got the latest Israeli hits to get you up and dancing on your feet!


HaRakdan HaOtomati – Noa Kirel & Zvika Pik

Rak B’Smachot Remix – Ivri Lider

Luz Mugzam – Riko

Kal – Tzachi Levi

Aplikatziot (Dor HaTouch) – Subliminal

Yeye – Subliminal ft EZ

Meyatzeg – Subliminal ft Tzvika Brend

Mekorot – Subliminal

Intuzim – Maya Dadon

Payo Payo – Maya Dadon

Virali – Maya Dadon

Virali – Ann B

Buba al Chut – Danielle Eliyahu

Kopidon – Agam Buchbut

Kol HaLaila – Ronios

Kmo Esh Medley – The Revivo Project ft Kobi Peretz

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3 comments on “Your Israeli Soundtrack for October

  1. David says:

    Hey Mate,

    Just gotta say, I love the show. To be honest, I went through a sort of religious moment, last summer, when I disowned all sorts of “secular” music. But you know, even a pr*ck like me realises, at some point, Israel is where it is at. And so I do stupid things and may alienate myself from both the black-hats AND the western liberals, so where does that leave us? With the Sabras , that is where. Mad props for hearing you know Japanese, you know ? I myself dwell in Taiwan

    Cheers & Shabbat Shalom


  2. David says:

    (cont’d from a previous message)

    It is sort of weird, you know? Because I love the Orthodox the most. We shall see how the story unfolds, though my dancing was a little sort of… For the first time guy, I am not sure I will be invited back, that is all I have to say.

  3. David says:

    Like, which person can decide if I will run against the Sanhedrin? I will not run against the Sanhedrin! I just enjoy the Chag, I thought that what Chassidism is all about? So ignorant

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