Your Israeli Soundtrack for December

Photo: Oren Ben Hakoon/Flash90

We’ve got the latest Israeli musical hits for you, along with a special studio guest.


Ad SheTavoi Ad Elai – Eden Hason

Ba Li Zariz (Adidor & Milia Rose Remix) – Roni Douani

Dabke – Louai Ali

Balagan – Dudu Aharon

Ir Ha’elohim – Hadag Nachash

HaGil Dofek BaDelet – Carakukly

DNA – Shaked Komemi

Pilpel w DJ Gal Malka

BMW Shkhora (Khofshy Vemeushar) – Ethnix

Asiti – Jimbo J ft Lehakat Spa

Chalifot – Hadag Nachash ft. Liora Yitchak

HaFinali – Subliminal

Kendrick – The Revivo Project ft Ravid Plotnick

Summer Boy – Eliad

Chodesh Tov – Yaniv Madar

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