Your Israeli Soundtrack for January

Photo: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

It’s time for the annual Kol Cambridge music awards! Here are some of our favorite songs of 2022 and a few new ones from 2023.


Mi Zot – Anna Zak
Yoda’at L’sovev – Tuna
Pantera – Eyal Golan
Intuzim – Maya Dadon
Rak B’Smachot (Remix) – Ivri Lider
Mami – Noa Kirel ft & Odeya
Lo Tzricha – Noa & Lian
Haya Matok – Alan
Rishon Baboker – Eden Ben Zaken ft Ana Zak & Nunu
Kum – T.O.B.
Lo Memadher – Tamir Bar ft Ravid Plotnik
Matematika – Netta Barzilay & Stephane Legar
Buba – Noam Bettan
Nipagesh BaSivuv – Ro’i Sendler
Baleylot – Offer Nissim ft Odeya
Mitgaagat Otcha – Idan Raichel & Eden Ben Zaken

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