Your Israeli Soundtrack for April

Photo: Oren Ben Hakoon/Flash90

DJ Antithesis has the latest Israeli hits, including new releases from Static, Lior Narkis, Eyal Golan and many more.


Every Generation – MC Chametz & YAMIT

Bul Bishvili – Ozel

Boom Tam – Maor Edri

Lo Shoma’at – Agam Buchbut

Liraz – Static

Al HaRasi – Static

Lishtof et HaEynayim – Static ft Itay Levi

Tarantula – Static ft Agam Buchbut

Shote Shote – Lior Narkist

Kapayim – Lior Narkis ft Shachar Soul

Drop im Chatzotzra – Lior Narkis ft Ron B & Itay Galo

Shir Moledet – The Revivo Project

Debka B’Tel Aviv – Eyal Golan

HaChaim Faran – Eyal Golan

Popcorn – Eyal Golan

Ehad Ehad – HaDag Nachash

Nekudot – Shmuel

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