Your Israeli Soundtrack for May

Photo: FLASH90

On this episode of Kol Cambridge, DJ Antithesis spins the latest Israeli hits including new releases from Subliminal, Stephan Legar, Kobi Peretz and many more.


Vatos Locos – Subliminal & HaTzel

Mishehi Acheret – Shachar Soul

Trend – Eyal Golan ft Ido Shoham

Matai At Chozeret Remix – Orel Dahari 

Mama Israella – Stephan Legar

Ba B’Elelgant – Shrek ft Omri Sabach

Hi-tech Debka – Ido Maimon & Tipex

Am HaNetzach – Subliminal & HaTzel

Mimouna – Zehava Ben

Bidyuk Kamoni – Liran Tal

Toda LaBore – Kobi Peretz

Samra Medley – The Revivo Project

Yesh Chatuna – HaYotzrim

Kach Od Neshima – Avraham Tal

Morocco – Gal Adam

Lo Yotzet L’Mesibot – Jane Bordeau

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