Your Israeli Soundtrack for June

Photo: Maor Kinsbursky/Flash90

On this episode of Kol Cambridge, DJ Antithesis is here with some of the latest Israeli hits, including new releases from Omer Adam, Moshe Peretz, Ana Zak and many more.


Tik Katan – Ness ft Stelia

Crush – Roni Douani

All Star v’Goofiyot – Ana Zak & DJ Itay Galo

Arak Eshkoliot – Moshe Peretz

Linda – Moshe Peretz

Lazuz – Moshe Peretz

Rechov HaCharadot – Omer Adam

Katalya – Omer Adam

Tarimu La – Ron Shuval & Kosta

Namut MiShuamummmm – Adi Ulmansky

Topa Look – J. La Motta

Yoter Maher – Yasmin Moallem

Gasolina.- Ido B & DJ Gal Malka ft Jess

Matzati T’Echad – Shachar Tavoch

Afarsexi – Eliad Malki

Savta Bishla Daysa – Sefita & Shahar Hason

Grinder – Adi Biti

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  1. Daniel Nevins says:

    Please consider creating a playlist on Spotify with all of Noah’s featured songs.

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