Your Israeli Soundtrack for February 2024

Photo: Omer Fichman/Flash90

DJ Antithesis is back with more music influenced by the Israel-Gaza war and a tribute to Lior Farchi z”l.


Medina Soeret – Lior Farchi & Chaim Yisrael

Chasmal Ba’Avir – Lior Farchi

Yeled Ra – Lior Farchi

Chai Kmo Parpar – Lior Farchi

Yeled Sheli – Eyal Golan

Shomer Alai – Shiri Maimon

Nahar Ha’Dmaot – Shlomo Arzi & Pe’er Tasi

Admat HaAhava – Ethnix

Yesh Od Chayim – Machluf & Ivri Lider

L’hagi’a HaBayta – Ilai Butner with Doli & Penn

B;Yom She’Acharei – Eliad with Eran Yosef & Yonatan Segev

Ketzev HeChayim – Raz Simon with Lior Moyal, Omri Sebach & Mordechai Shenwald

Ze Aleinu – Subliminal & HaTzel ft Raviv Kenar

Mi SheShoneh Otcha – Rotem Cohen

Am Yisrael Chai LaNetzach – Avimeir

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