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Allison, Don & Noah discuss:

.Rubi Rivlin: A man of contradictions

What to make of Israel’s newly elected President, Rubi Rivlin, a mensch (good guy) who also opposes a two-state solution? Oy, the dissonance!



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.A pro-Palestinian settler leader?

The startling NY Times op-ed by a settler leader who insists that Israel must hatch a “bold plan to improve every aspect of day-to-day life for Palestinians”: What gives?


.Is this the end of prisoner swaps?

A cabinet decision to prohibit future pardons for murderers, ruling out future Gilad Shalit-style prisoner exchanges.




All songs by Assaf Amdursky & Karni Postel, from their lovely new live album:

Rabim HaYamim


Mashehu SheAni Lo Yachol

Rakevet LaTsafon


Photo: Eddie Dreben sitting in the synagogue of his home in Hebron in his usual going-out gear. Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash 90


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