the promised podcast – full show

The “Republikud & Labocrats?” Edition

We discuss 1) why Israelis favor 2-4 political parties instead of 11 in today’s Knesset, 2) whether we are sorting ourselves according to political beliefs, and 3) why the promotion of a gay IDF officer to Major-General is a cause for concern to some radical LGBTQ activists.

The “I’m Not Your Toy (But Nix the Joy)!” Edition

We discuss 1) the clashes at the Gaza Border, in which IDF soldiers killed 61 Palestinians, while the new American Embassy was being dedicated in Jerusalem, 2) Jerusalem’s decision to ban a right-wing billboard for incitement, even as Tel Aviv-Jaffa allowed the billboards to dapple the city, and 3) why so many leftists responded to Netta Barzilai’s Eurovision song contest victory with mirthless bah-humbug-itude.

The “Age of Uncertainty” Edition

We discuss (1) our thoughts, fears, hopes, and worries that stem from the US leaving the nuclear deal and the military escalation in Northern Israel, (2) whether the Rabbinic Courts Bill is as risible as critics make it seem, despite its goal of ameliorating the suffering of thousands of women, and (3) our take on ‘tiyul’ culture.

The “Israel First!” Edition

We discuss (1) the great divide between those who think that Israelis have it in our power to bring peace and those fatalists who think, in the end, it just ain’t up to us, (2) the assertion of three leading industrialists that it’s time to put “Israel First,” and (3) the controversial decision of a museum to cover up the evolution exhibits when Ultra-Orthodox kids come to visit.

The “What About Natalie?” Edition

We discuss: 1) the ways today’s Israel is a product of Benjamin Netanyahu, and Benjamin Netanyahu the product of Israel, 2) whether Israel’s old Labor elite should be lionized nostalgically or instead consigned to the dustbin of history, and 3) our worry surrounding L’Affaire de Portman.

The “Seventy Short Reasons” Edition

We discuss: 1) whether seeing IDF soldiers as “our kids” cloud our moral judgment? 2) a new exhibit of painting portray Sefardi men as oppressors of Russian immigrants. Is it racist? 3) on the occasion of our 70th anniversary, a round-robin of the top 70 reasons we love this place!

The “Guns, Jews and Steel” Edition

We discuss: 1) Israel’s response to the “Great March of Return,” 2) a campaign persuading folks not to swap seats with ultra-Orthodox passengers on flights, and 3) a proposal to erect huge Stars of David across Israel.

The “Still Leaving Egypt, After All These Years” Edition

We discuss: 1) why each new revelation about Bibi’s alleged corruption is accompanied by an increase in support for him, 2) the accreditation of a private university to grant Ph.D. degrees, and 3) whether the story of Exodus hardens or softens our hearts, now that we are in a strong and secure state.

The “Who Surveils the Surveillors?” Edition

We discuss 1) Israel’s new AI system for identifying lone terrorists before they act, 2) the work of an activist who’s been sorting through hundreds of hours of rabbi’s lectures and turning over the nasty bits to the press, and 3) the price tag of price tags.

The “Judaism: The Theme Park” Edition

We discuss 1) the horrid humanitarian crisis in Gaza and what to do about it, 2) activists’ demands to scrub a street name honoring a journalist who wrote that Sefaradi/Mizrahi immigrants were primitive in nature, and 3) plans for a new theme park dedicated to the wonders of Judaism!