the promised podcast – full show

The “Big, Beautiful Wall” Edition

We discuss 1) the concrete wall being built along Israel’s northern border, to separate us from those who might want to do us harm 2) why our wards and clinics are so rife with violence, as nurses around the country went on strike, and 3) the swift rise of co-housing, which some people call “Kibbutz 2.0.”

The “Blood, Sweat & Milk” Edition

We discuss 1) the outpouring of empathy for Druze anguish and insult over the Nation-State law 2) a new movie about the heroic birth of the Sephardi Ultra-Orthodox party Shas, and 3) the enraged response of some women to a program to promote breastfeeding.

The “The Revolution Will Be Corporatized” Edition

We discuss 1) surveys that show Likud voters are socialist, gay and lesbian supporting, religious pluralists, who are far to the left of their leaders on most matters 2) the embrace offered the LGBTQ community by hundreds of Israeli corporations, and 3) what makes a great street great, and why can’t we build more?

The “It’s Finally Nice & Legal! Israel is a Jewish State!” Edition

We discuss 1) the Nation-State Law, enacted after 7 years of debate, amendment, and watering down 2) the decision of 2 environmental NGOs to support building an offshore gas rig, and 3) with Israeli shows reaching Broadway and our Netflix cue, how did Israel go from being a “Start-Up Nation” to becoming a “Stage and Screen Nation”?

The “Don’t Know Much About History” Edition

We discuss 1) the declaration by the PM of Israel and Poland that absolves Poles of responsibility for the murder of Polish Jews during WWII, 2) a group of religious folks setting up shop in a Tel Aviv neighborhood in order to bring the natives some Yiddishkeit, and 3) what are sports good for, in a Jewish State.

The “Left=Bereft?” Edition

We discuss 1) the scumbaggery of the Labor Party, paying for FB pages to trash political rival Yair Lapid 2) was Bibi right when he said leftists are just sour-pussed nattering nabobs of negativism?, and 3) why Israel has so many summer camps.

The “Put Away for Take Away?” Edition

We discuss 1) the indictment of Sara Netanyahu for charging taxpayers $100k worth of take-out 2) the election of Isaac Herzog to head the Jewish Agency, and 3) whether Israel’s gov. ought to prop up no-longer-economic heritage practices for the sake of preserving old ways-of-life?

The “Benjamin Netanyahu’s New World Order” Edition

We discuss 1) an essay describing Netanyahu’s use of the threat of Iran’s nuclearization to solidify relations with the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, 2) the decision by a university dept. not to end graduation with Hatikvah, out of concern for non-Jewish students, and (3) the efforts of some leftist American young people to get “the Palestinian narrative” into the Zionist summer camp curriculum

The “Terror with a Tail!” Edition

We discuss 1) whether calling the flaming kites from Gaza “terror kites” distorts and cheapens the word “terror”, 2) the controversy over a musical featuring songs by Eyal Golan, accused of having consensual sex with underaged girls, and 3) whether we need “secular politics” that advance a “secular agenda” in Israel’s upcoming local elections.

The “Drawing Lines” Edition

We discuss 1) a plan to annex some settlement blocks and freeze others in West Bank as a unilateral step towards accommodation with the Palestinians 2) the Argentinian National Football team’s decision not to come play a match against Israel, and 3) Michael Chabon’s commencement address arguing in favor of intermarriage and against Zionism.