the promised podcast – full show

The “Eyes on the Prize” Edition

Allison, Don and Noah discuss: (1) the candidates competing to head the liberal-left Meretz party, and the different visions of the future they each bring; (2) whether writer David Grossman should turn down the Israel Prize he was just selected to receive; and (3) the hottest reality TV show in Jewish history – “Marriage at First Sight” – that matches people who meet for the first time under the Chuppah.

The “Tragic Flaws” Edition

We discuss the police recommendation that PM Netanyahu be indicted for at least two counts of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, the strange resignation from the Knesset of former-head of the Israel Security Agency Yaakov Perry, and the prosecution of a ceramic company for refusing to deliver tiles and toilets to Jewish settlers.

The “Federation Delegation Visitation Conversation” Edition

Before a live audience including a delegation from UJA-Federation of New York, we discuss Israel’s “new poverty,” whether philanthropists from abroad ought to withhold support when Israel’s government pursues policies they find lamentable, and why, for all its discontents, Israel is the place we chose to raise our kidlings.

The “Democrats, Diplomats & Habitats” Edition

We discuss a new survey finding that American Republicans and Democrats are more divided about Israel than ever, the growing shortfall in talented young recruits for Israeli diplomatic jobs, and why the government’s long-awaited affordable rent bill is being attacked by those you’d expect to be praising it.

The “Abbas Unbound” Edition

This week’s episode covers Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s latest diatribes against Israel, the “Anne Frank Home Sanctuary Movement”, and reports of’s forthcoming arrival in Israel.

The “Selfie in Auschwitz?” Edition

We discuss whether it’s time for Israeli leftists to embrace a sort of Bernie-Sandersian populism, an unnerving new viral video of two kids rapping about taking selfies in Auschwitz, and whether the demise of beloved literary hangout cafes in Tel Aviv signals the deterioration of public discourse.

The “Pascal’s Meteorology” Edition

We discuss Trump’s decision to stop funding the UN agency that gives aid to Palestinians, the Israeli minister of agriculture’s decision to hold a mass prayer for rain at the Western Wall, and the brouhaha over celebrity chef Rachael Ray’s tweet about hummus being Israeli.

The “Likud’s Settlement-Schizoid New Year’s Resolutions” Edition

What accounts for Likud’s settlement-schizoid behavior? What accounts for some Israelis’ fears of one of the country’s two official languages? And what is most Israeli?

“The ‘Herem’ of Public Opinion” Edition

We discuss the implications of Israeli right-wing voices joining anti-corruption protests, another viral video by teenaged Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi, and whether we should be crowdsourcing judgment when there seems to be no other way to get justice at all.

The “Webbutz?” Edition

We consider how to respond to pharma giant Teva’s announcement of massive layoffs, whether Israel’s opposition needs to be less civil towards political opponents, and if there is something Israeli about the company WeWork’s communal work space concept.