Tune in for another edition of ‘Sporting mensches,’ a series in which host Laragh Widdess interviews people who’ve made an outstanding contribution to sport in Israel – whether on the field, the pitch, the court, or behind the mic.

Israel’s legendary sportscaster and former TLV1 sports presenter, Ari Louis, joins Laragh in the studio to explain what it’s like reporting on team sports in a country that largely sidelines them. He also describes the connection between sport and religion, and why he’s no longer so emotional about sport.

Plus there’s a special Passover segment at the end of the show, in which Ari and Laragh talk about sportsmen who left their countries of origin to settle and ply their trade in The Promised Land.

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Produced by Laragh Widdess and Adam Sher
Sound editing by Adam Sher

1 comment on “Israel’s legendary sportscaster Ari Louis on sport, religion, and exodus

  1. Randy Brown says:

    Ari Louis is one of the greatest men in Access Tucson history. I worked with Ari countless times and no matter what he had me laughing my behind off all the time. I was even writing a sitcom about our real-life adventures at Access Phoenix in Phoenix Arizona but the files accidentally deleted. It was two guys on a call-in show, aptly titled “Call In.” It was like a Seinfeld show starring me Randy Brown and Ari as the lead. If anyone wants to see this show, let Ari know and I might start writing the show again.

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