the promised podcast

Pity the poor Afula!

Why a controversial housing tender caused the residents of Afula, a town in the north of Israel, to take to the streets.

Cool to a warming world?

A discussion of Israel’s decidedly lackluster participation in the Paris climate conference.

Am I not Ayman?

Leader of the (mostly-)Arab “Joint List,” Ayman Odeh, has just completed an action-packed tour of the States. What’s the verdict?

A third way?

We discuss a new movie about an effort of settlers and Palestinians to forge a “third way” to peace.

The ‘Mizrahification’ of peace

Former Labor Party Chair, PM candidate, and Minister of Defense Amir Peretz recently unveiled his peace plan.

Politics of purism

We discuss the legacy of former MK and political commentator Yossi Sarid, who tragically died this week.

Kidnapped 67-year-old babies

We discuss the old and persistent allegation that Yemenite babies were taken from their parents and distributed to Ashkenazi families.

It’s a gas, gas, gas

We ask why Israel’s incipient gas deal has sparked mass protests on the streets, while other issues are met with apathy.

“Horny for you”

We discuss Yinon Magal, the member of Knesset who resigned after it became public that he harassed women.

Fighter flight

A recent IDF poll shows that, increasingly, the guys with the guns are the guys with the “kippot.”