the promised podcast

Portmania (A Tale of Love and Sadness)

Natalie Portman’s directorial debut, “A Tale of Love and Darkness,” is based on the astonishing memoir by Amos Oz. But is it any good?

Won’t anyone think of the capitalists?

We discuss an essay in Haaretz magazine entitled “Capitalism in Israel is Under the Brutal Attack of Social Activists.”

Sticks and stones

We discuss the raft of government proposals to increase the penalties for stone-throwing, in the wake of the tragic death of Alexander Levlovich.

Taming theists with technology?

Research indicates that ultra-Orthodox Jews are using the internet in rapidly growing numbers, but can ‘frumkeit’ and Facebook really mix?

Gimme that ol’ time irreligion!

A Haaretz poll has found that 70 percent of Israeli Jews believe in God, meaning that lots of ostensibly secular Jews have begun to believe.

The religiouser we get, the happier we feel?

A Haaretz poll has found that ultra-Orthodox Jews are happier than Orthodox Jews, who are happier than traditional Jews, who are happier than secular Jews.

Dazed, confused, drunk, and depressed

Israeli leftists spent this year mad, muttering, and morbidly depressed. Never before have so many thought so much was so irredeemably awful.

The beginning of the end of the Rabbinate

Blatant rebellion against Israel’s Chief Rabbinate broke out this year after a group of rabbis established an alternative conversion court.

To hell with what folks think about Israel!

Obama? Screw you! Hollande? Up yours! Merkel? Take a hike! We just don’t care what you think about Israel.

Teaching kids the Classics: Gates, Jobs & Zuckerberg

New Minister of Education Naftali Bennett is trying to convince high-schoolers to take high level math, which will give them primo salaries.