the promised podcast

Is this man the future of the Israeli left?

Ron Huldai just told the press that he may challenge MK and opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog to become the new leader of the Labor party.

Oren unbound or Oren unhinged?

Oren posits that President Obama abandoned Israel in favor of the Muslim world because his absent Muslim father left him seeking the approval of ayatollahs.

War crimes & misdemeanors

This week the UN Commission on Human Rights released its report on last summer’s Gaza war, finding that both sides may have committed war crimes.

Uncultured Wars

Minister of Culture & Sport Miri Regev has threatened to pull government funding from anything that offends her. We try to figure out what’s going on.

Israel’s Other Crisis

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s newly unveiled proposals to solve Israel’s housing crisis. What are the potential consequences?

2 States, 1 Homeland?

A new peace initiative proposing two states – Palestine & Israel – with no borders separating them. What are the chances this actually works?

Segregating the Sexes

A high school principal chose to separate the girls from the boys in advanced math classes, in hope that it’ll boost girls’ achievements. Is it a good idea?

Everybody Hates the Jews!

Do most Israelis think that the whole world is against us? If so, how does that belief affect our politics?

The High Price of Hate

A study found that the benefit of ending the conflict would be $123 billion for Israel. Does knowing how much it costs bring us any closer to ending it?

BFF = “(You) Better F*cking Fail”?

When Cleveland Cavaliers coach, American-Israeli David Blatt, coached in Israel, we couldn’t have been meaner to the guy.