the promised podcast

Girls with scissors

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot said that “I would not want a soldier to unload an entire clip into a girl who is holding scissors.”

Too much of a good book?

A report has emerged showing that fewer high-schoolers are studying “humanities,” while more are studying Bible.

Litigating the Silence

A secret lawsuit has been brought by the army against NGO “Breaking the Silence,” to compel the group to share information.

Peace 2.0?

We discuss opposition leader Isaac Herzog’s proposal to complete the separation wall as quickly as possible – “They over there and we over here.”

Anti-social networks

An applied anthropologist has asserted that Israeli kids’ excessive use of screens and social networks is turning them into sociopaths and solipsists.

Invisible wounds

A viral video of a former IDF soldier testifying before the Knesset about his debilitating PTSD has shed light on the issue of trauma in Israeli society.

Dour, sour, and out of power: The Left’s Grinch problem

Is the Israeli Left hobbled by its own anhedonia and general ‘Grinchiness’?

“We’re here!, Vey iz mir!, Get used to it!”

How are we to regard the protester at the Chicago LGBTQ conference who opposed letting pro-Israel voices be heard?

The hexed, vexed & perplexed textbook

The hubbub over a new edition of an Israeli civics textbook threatens to develop into a furor.

Best Western?

We discuss the historic decision by the Israeli cabinet that designates part of the Western Wall as pluralist and egalitarian.