Tel Aviv Review Live in New York: Michael Walzer on the Problem of the Left

Michael Walzer, political philosopher of international renown and Professor Emeritus of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, joins the Tel Aviv Review on the premises of YIVO for a discussion on his latest book, A Foreign Policy for the Left.



This episode of the Tel Aviv Review is made possible by YIVO, dedicated to fostering knowledge of the ongoing story of Jewish life, with a focus on the history and culture of East European Jewry.

One comment on “Tel Aviv Review Live in New York: Michael Walzer on the Problem of the Left

  1. Eric Epstein says:

    This is a wonderful episode! In today’s climate, nuanced, moderate, realistic voices on the left are too often shouted over from all directions. Yet hearing these voices is more important than ever, if the left is to maintain enough credibility and gain wide enough support to make an impact. It is deeply satisfying to hear these positions receive the careful articulation they deserve from a top scholar. And, thanks to Gilad Halpern’s questions, to place them in dialogue with the positions of the further left. Thank you Tel Aviv Review and YIVO for making this incredible conversation possible!

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