Everything You Wanted to Know About the Israeli Economy but Were Afraid to Ask

Photo: Adam Shuldman/Flash90

Joseph Zeira, Professor of Economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, discusses his new book The Israeli Economy, an introduction to all matters Israeli and economic.




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1 comment on “Everything You Wanted to Know About the Israeli Economy but Were Afraid to Ask

  1. Berel Dov Lerner says:

    How is it that rational people from the left are reduced to simple-mindedness when it comes to security issues? Well, here’s the news: Israel cannot just snap its fingers and achieve a ***durable*** and ****safe*** peace agreement with the Palestinians, an agreement which won’t kick off a process leaving us worse off and more threatened than before (remember how Hamas took over Gaza when we left it?).. So please, please stop making these infantile proclamations about Israel just deciding to make peace with the Palestinians and then all will be well. At the very least, if you want to make any impression of being realistic, admit the risks involved.

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