It Is a Sighted Man’s World

Photo: Miriam Alster/FLASH90

Dr Gili Hammer, an anthropologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, discusses her book Blindness through the Looking Glass: The Performance of Blindness, Gender, and the Sensory Body, exploring how visually impaired Israeli women grasp and perform the interface between blindness and gender.


This season is made possible by The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, which promotes humanistic, democratic, and liberal values in the social discourse in Israel.

1 comment on “It Is a Sighted Man’s World

  1. This interesting research is part of a sphere of A thread of study of blind people to be able to understand the blindness of the sighted and the cultural male gaze., beginning with my 2015 book Sight Unseen: Gender and Race through Blind Eyes, Columbia University Press. I appreciate that my work is being extended by feminist anthropology.

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