Populist-Progressive Feminist Alliance or Opportunistic Nationalism?

Photo: Hadas Parush/Flash90

Since when do xenophobic nationalist political actors in Europe devote themselves to gender equality, protection of women and human rights?

Véronique Mottier of Jesus College, University of Cambridge, shows how populist parties in Switzerland, France, Italy and the Netherlands join the struggle to protect women’s rights – when it advances their aim of excluding non-white migrants from the nation.

This episode is made possible by the Israel office of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, which promotes peace, freedom, and justice through political education.

2 comments on “Populist-Progressive Feminist Alliance or Opportunistic Nationalism?

  1. Maddison Sorens says:

    Just listened to this in the gym. Veronique Mottier’s just so persuasive—here and always. Mottier could persuade me to walk off a cliff.

  2. Noah Aaron says:

    Thoroughly enjoyable episode with Mottier, with some real food for thought. One wonders if, when push comes to shove, whether those voting for populist feminism would align themselves more in the populist or the feminist camps. This seems like a far more dangerous development to progressive causes than strands such as techno-populism.

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