Poland’s Hunting Season

Photo: Isaac Harari/FLASH90

Prof. Jan Grabowski, a Polish-Canadian historian, discusses Jewish-Polish relations during the Nazi occupation, as well as the politics of memory in contemporary Poland and how he has been personally affected by it.

This episode is made possible by the Israel office of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, which promotes peace, freedom, and justice through political education.

3 comments on “Poland’s Hunting Season

  1. Leon says:

    Excellent. As a second generation, son of sole survivor, I am familiar from living in post war Poland among survivors and hearing their stories and accounts of polish atrocities, I am not shocked. The work done by Grabowski is important because it should be a reminder after passing of most of survivors and especially because of polish organized attempt to rewrite history of Holocaust. The audacity is such that I even hear from Americans living in Poland and being paid to call themselves historians, telling me and other Jews that we do not know the true Holocaust history and they will teach us. All we have to do is to ask them questions…. Tak chutzpah. Blood boils .. Others are working on US and Israel too with various polish organizations and embassies to propagate their agenda of revisionism and lies. Israeli governent and organizations are quiet. Poles are aggressive and winning. They have a big budget. The goal is not too compensate Jews at all. As morawiecki said, not one penny. This narrative helps them. They are not only guilty, but as they claim already, victims of Jews. I just touched the subject. Jan Grabowski is doing important work. He is discovering what every polish Jew knows. However he is summarizing it for the future. That’s important.

    1. Catherine Feuvry Stimm says:

      Oh thank you! I so much agree. My dad’s family were Warsaw inteligencja polish jews. Upon about 100, only about 10 survived. Killed in many manners and various places. Dad and grandma survived, after having tried to hide in the russian part of Poland (Kresy). But they were deported to Siberia. Mum, polish catholic, was with her mother in Stutthof camp. They survived.
      My parents married. They always showed me a tolerance exemple.
      This is how I was raised, listening very often to their counting how the survived, what happened, how the country situation and people reacted or acted.
      We emmigrated to France in 65, communist times.
      From 91 to 96, I lived again in Poland for business. I finaly left because I did not feel at ease in this country where catholic fanatism was starting.
      Last year I travelled through Poland for pleasure for 4 months with an RV and to find traces of this hudge Jewish population that disappeared during WWII, and I was shocked how most of places were destroyed, and what was left was in such a bad shape, especially all east part of Poland.

      Either blood is boiling, either sadness paralizes me. I so much support Mr Grabowski work and fight. Hope is in some folks like Warsaw mayor, Trzaskowski, democrat, and some big towns folks who dont vote for current polish President.
      Dziękuje again.

  2. Jerzy says:

    The Holocaust was deigned and implemented by Germans, both Comments do no include such word. Poland is guilty instead. About two million of Polish Roman Catholics victims is not enough to be respected. Yes, Chutzpah. Blood boils.

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