The “History Will Judge Us” Edition

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In this first-in-all-of-human-history, cross-over edition of TLV1’s Tel Aviv Review and TLV1’s The Promised Podcast, we discuss the open letter of more than 160 renowned historians of Jews, Judaism and/or Israel (“Israel on the Edge of an Abyss”), which opens, “We, historians of the Jewish people and of the State of Israel, accuse the sixth government of Benjamin Netanyahu of endangering the very existence of the State of Israel and the Israeli nation.” Joining us is the author of the letter, the brilliant historian Orit Rozin.

3 comments on “The “History Will Judge Us” Edition

  1. Prof. Steuart Hutchinson Blue says:

    Thank you all for this special edition. It’s a shande that such a thing is necessary, but a joy that it has been done. Noah’s introduction is concise and enlightening (I guess that’s just how he was raised).

    1. David Beale says:

      Lots of water under lots of bridges. Hurt, disappointment and residual anger remain, but life is truly too short. Regret and remorse not a pre-requisite but would be appreciated nonetheless. Nuff said!

  2. Noah Efron says:

    Thanks for this kind and encouraging word! You will be shocked (shocked, I tells ya) to learn that you are the first person in all of human history ever to call me concise! I’ll end now, so as not to give you reason to change your mind!

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