People of the Books

Yosef Halper, a legendary Tel Aviv bookdealer, discusses his book The Bibliomaniacs: Tales from a Tel Aviv Bookseller.

6 comments on “People of the Books

  1. Jan Jermalinski says:

    This looks interesting.

    1. Ken Baskin says:

      Mr. Jermalinski,
      Yosef “Jamie” Halper is a very good and old (years we have known each other) friend. We went to school together in Springfield, NJ, and we have been in touch (off & on) since. My daughter, April, had a chance to meet him in Tel Aviv — fell in love with him. He is a very warm person — as your broadcast portrayed.
      About his book, I haven’t read. However, that doesn’t mean much because I hardly read anything except what I can find on my phone. Yes, I’ve become one of those people. However, I just might buy and READ Yosef’s book. It sounds like I would really enjoy it.
      Thanks for the wonderful broadcast sir! It was a genuine pleasure hearing my friend’s voice, positions, opinions, etc., along with your questions of him. I’m glad that you interviewed him, and that he (of course) is interesting enough to be subject to it. Take care!
      Kenny Baskin

  2. David Del Vecchio says:

    That was a great listen. Good to hear from an old high school friend. Are paper copies available in the US? Amazon only offers the Kindle version.

    1. Yosef Halper says:

      Thanks Dave,
      Printed copies are definitely available at which is a subsidiary of Amazon .

  3. Véronique Vered Perez says:

    I loved this interview and I’m looking forward to return home to Tel-Aviv and meet Yosef, and discover his treasure trove.

    I moved from Paris to Toronto four decades ago. What I loved about Toronto were the small Victorian houses and the great many second hand bookstores. When I made aliya and lived in Tel-Aviv in 2017, I fell in love again with its hidden gems like the second ha d bookstores that have now disappeared from Toronto.

    It is unfortunately the lot of many cities. Modernity and IT are killing some romantic and sensual pleasures like books. Like paper and pens. Listening to your interview today, I was transported into nostalgia. Keep me a copy of your book, Yosef, I’ll come and pick it up as soon as possible.

    TLV1 is a wonderful way to keep in touch with Israel! Wishing you all to keep good care of yourselves and all your loved ones…always! 🙏🕊️🇮🇱🎗️💕

  4. Bibliomaniacs is a wonderful read. Sometimes Halper’s writing reminds me of Babel. I hope his second book will be even more Babelesque.

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