Has the Jewish Nation-State Model Run Its Course?

The October 7th attack undermined some of the basic assumptions Israelis have had about the tenets of their sovereignty. Will the crisis send the country into a post-nation-state phase?

Dr. Julie Cooper, Senior Lecturer in Political Science at Tel Aviv University, and a fellow of the Institute of Advanced Israel Studies at Brandeis University’s Schusterman Center for Israel Studies, shares her thoughts at the “Democracy and Its Alternatives: The Origins of Israel’s Current Crisis” conference, which this year was organized in partnership with the Center for Jewish History in New York.

1 comment on “Has the Jewish Nation-State Model Run Its Course?

  1. Paul A. Giles says:

    I’ve listened to this interview with Dr. Julie Cooper on the day after the Iranian rocket attacks last night and I am so sorry that all the people in this region are having such a horrific time now. I share the hope that the situation will improve, for everyone involved, I just don’t know how that will happen.
    Thank you for sharing this interview with us all.

    Paul Giles
    Taylors, SC USA

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