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This episode of WhyWhyWhy! True Stories from Israel celebrates the astonishing, hilarious, heartbreaking experiences of moving to Israel, and features true stories on the theme of “Aliyah” as told by Muki Tsur, David Harold Chester, Noah Efron, Milton Roller, Malynnda Littky, Jodi Schachar Davidovich, Avi Tilonsky, and the legendary singer Josie Katz.

The live event was held at The Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot in celebration of Aliyah Day.

Our next storytelling event will be held December 17th at the Dancing Camel in Tel Aviv. The theme of the night is “Stolen.”

What’s been taken from you? What did you steal? Pitch your story to us!


Itamar Haluts – Alexandra-Clyde

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