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In this episode, neighbors find their way out of isolation to join together (but not too close together) for a Passover Seder. Emily Silverman, a Hebrew University professor, was inspired to propose the idea after she witnessed worshipers praying as an ad hoc congregation from their separate apartment balconies. The result was magical.

For many Israelis, the Great Passover Egg Shortage of 2020 may feel like a distant memory, but for Milton Roller, it’s as if the crisis happened just last week. His story progresses from the simple realization that you’ve got to crack a few eggs to make an omelet, through a dark dream about Boris Johnson’s teeth, and an even darker experience on the express checkout line at a supermarket.

Stay indoors for an indefinite period of time — wait, where have we heard this one before? For those who were in Israel, and are old enough — or not too old — to remember, confinement conjures the First Gulf War. Linda Lovitch, a communications consultant, finds herself nostalgic for a time when, like today, everyone had to stay home in close quarters — but when, unlike today, there were no limits on human touching!

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