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I’m a busy scholar and administrator, and I don’t have nearly enough time to keep track of the latest in Israel studies. But I do have long commutes. The Tel Aviv Review has become my indispensable companion on the road, the perfect antidote to driver’s fatigue, and an always provocative challenge to my own fixed ideas. The interviews are conducted a manner that is meticulous, sophisticated, and scrupulously fair. This podcast is easily on the level of the best public radio interview shows in America. Kudos to Gilad Halpern and his team for making this unique contribution to the intellectual life of Israel.
— Martin Kramer, founding president, Shalem College, Jerusalem
I don’t remember having been interviewed by a person as knowledgeable of the book at stake as Gilad Halpern. The way he conducted the interview allows even a listener who has virtually no previous knowledge of the subject to understand the not only the basic theses but also the more nuanced arguments. A model interviewer indeed!
— Benjamin Z. Kedar, professor emeritus of history at the Hebrew University, former Vice-President of the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities
The Tel Aviv Review deals with all aspects of Israeli intellectual life, in an undogmatic spirit of free inquiry, showing everything the place has to offer in this area, across the spectrum.
— Dr Gabriel Noah Brahm, Northern Michigan University

Photo by Maya Hed
Photo by Maya Hed

About the show

The Tel Aviv Review is the “Start-up Nation” of the humanities, showcasing the cutting-edge ideas that make up the debate in and about Israel. Every week Gilad Halpern hosts scholars, writers and thinkers for in-depth, long-form interviews about their work.

About the host

Gilad Halpern is a broadcast and online journalist, who until recently served as Assignments Editor for Haaretz newspaper’s English edition. Before that, he spent a few years in Paris where he was an editor and Middle East commentator for France24 as well as correspondent for ynet, Israel’s largest news site. His work appeared on the BBC, Al Jazeera, Al Monitor, Time Out magazine, and The Jewish Chronicle.



This season of the Tel Aviv Review is made possible by The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, which promotes humanistic, democratic, and liberal values in the social discourse in Israel.


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