Two weeks ago, Israel took part in the European Netball Championships in Newcastle, England, after a three-year hiatus from senior international competitions. No idea what netball is? Follow this link to find out more.

TLV1’s Laragh Widdess was Head Coach of Team Israel on this adventure. She kept an audio diary, recording the trials and tribulations of taking a team of Israelis to compete abroad – including how to keep Shabbat in a foreign hotel, how to cope with heavy losses, and how to dance like a Grenadian.

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off (instrumental)
Bill Conti – Gonna Fly Now (Rocky OST)
Norm Geller – Girl From Ipanema
Ajamu – Oh Mama (Grenada Soca 2002)
Florence and the Machine – Shake It Out (instrumental)
Geula Gil and Oranim Tsabar – Ushavtem Mayim BeSasson

Written and produced by Laragh Widdess

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