Politics & Society

Only Sixteen

A sixteen-year-old becomes an international sensation when she berates, punches and kicks IDF officers as they enter her yard in her West Bank Village. What do we learn from this unsettling sight?

Have a Heart: The Dolphinarium Bombing and a Heart Transplant

Rowan Somerville joins us to discuss “Beat: The True Story of a Bomb and a Heart Transplant”, his book about a 2001 suicide bombing in Israel and the possible reprisal attack against a Palestinian man, whose family donated his heart to save a Jewish Israeli man’s life.

New Right?

Right wing politicians, journalists, and activists gather in Jerusalem to denounce the corruptions of a right-wing government. Is that grinding we hear the sound of tectonic plates shifting?

Greed or Need? Corruption in a Time of Corruption

Ina Kubbe joins us to discuss why corruption happens and what can be done about it.


Is there something Israeli about WeWork’s weird vision of combining kibbutz-y communalism and neo-liberal late capitalism?

More Thomas Hobbes, Less Dale Carnegie?

Is it time for the opposition to try to make life for Netanyahu and his coalition more Hobbesian, viz., nasty, brutish and short? Is parliamentary civility dead?

Justice, Justice He Pursued – In the Hague

Sir Geoffrey Nice discusses his book “Justice for All and How to Achieve It,” a critical exploration of international justice and the courts designed to address the world’s worst crimes.

Capital Crimes?

After pharmaceutical giant Teva announces it is firing 1,700 Israeli laborers, workers barricade themselves inside factories, unions declare a general strike, and opposition politicians call to nationalize the factories. What’s the right response?

A London Jewish Working Class Hero and His Twin Walk into a Sanatorium…

Linda Grant talks to us about her seventh novel, “The Dark Circle,” which centers on twin teens, patients in a TB clinic in 1950s London.

Who Killed Hanukkah?

What explains the downgrading of Hanukkah from one of the most important Zionist holidays to one of the least important Israeli holidays?