Politics & Society

Share Values: Anatomy of a Buzzword

Hebrew University Professor Nicholas John discusses his book “The Age of Sharing”, which traces the origins and analyzes the meanings of one of the principal markers of our contemporary digital culture.

Why Oh Why Won’t You Try Me?

An IDF officer and spokesperson for human rights NGO Breaking the Silence demanding to be prosecuted for beating a Palestinian man, only to find that the State Attorney’s Office insists he is innocent.

Permanent Revolution: Soviet Meddling in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez discuss their book “The Soviet-Israeli War 1967-1973: The USSR’s Military Intervention in the Egyptian-Israeli Conflict”, which lays out a hitherto little-known Soviet foreign policy in the Middle East following the humiliating defeat of Moscow’s client states in the Six Day War.

The End of the Zooish People?

Is something crucial lost when kids grow up seeing no animals besides dogs, cats, pigeons, and rats?

Losing our Religion?

Has Israel’s left “forgotten what it means to be Jews,” as the new head of the Labor Party says?

Lights and Shadows of Doubt: Modern Philosophy in Pictures

Professor Steven Nadler explains why the 17th century is a major turning point in the history of Western philosophy, and delves into the merits of graphic books.

Take From Us Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free

Israel contemplates paying $8,500 a head for African asylum seekers to leave for Rwanda. Is this solving a thorny problem, or indulging an ugly xenophobia?

Light Unto the Nations: The Global Impact of the American Revolution

Jonathan Israel, professor emeritus of modern European history at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, discusses his book “Expanding Blaze: How the American Revolution Ignited the World, 1775-1848”.

Between a Rock and a Hard-On: Israeli Women and the Patriarchy

As more and more Israeli women share their stories of harassment, we ask whether or not women in Israel are subject to our own special sorts of sexual violence.


Is a new organization for Israeli-Americans a plot by Sheldon Adelson to create a zombie army to do his reactionary bidding in DC?