The Tel Aviv Review

Peddlers on the Road: Patterns of Jewish Migration to the New World

Professor Hasia Diner on her latest book, “Roads Taken: The Great Jewish Migration to the New World and the Peddlers Who Forged the Way.”

The Great Jewish-American Intellectual You Don’t Know

Dr. Mark Raider discusses Hayim Greenberg, a legendary yet all but forgotten mid-20th century Jewish-American essayist and thinker.

When in Romania, Do as the Romanian Jews

Dr. Felicia Waldman, author of “Tales and Traces of Sephardic Bucharest,” discusses the history of Romanian Jewry on the cusp between East and West.

The Menorah: A Most Emblematic Emblem

Professor Steven Fine, author of “The Menorah: From the Bible to Modern Israel,” analyzes the millennia-long history of the “Jewish holy grail.”

The Lobbyist: Herbert Hoover and the Jews

Dr. Sonja Wentling analyzes Herbert Hoover’s attitude towards European Jews and Zionism during his administration and after he left office.

Return to Former Glory: Sephardic Religious Culture in Israel

Dr. Joseph Ringel discusses the links between halakha, politics, and culture among Sephardi religious leaders in Israel.

Down and Out in Be’er Sheba and Afula

Orly Benjamin discusses her new book “Gendering Israel’s Outsourcing,” which offers a feminist critique of processes affecting the Israeli labor market.

The Tel Aviv Review LIVE in New York: Timothy Snyder on Tyranny

What can contemporary Americans learn from 20th-century Europe? Yale University’s Timothy Snyder discusses his book “On Tyranny.”

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, v.2015

Holger Michel unexpectedly became an refugee organizer and spokesperson. His book about his experiences describes the remarkable things he learned.

Is a Peaceful Peace Process Born to Fail?

Nathan Thrall argues in his new book that only force has ever generated results in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and discusses the implications.