The Tel Aviv Review

Persons of Dollar: How GDP Became King

Dr. Eli Cook discusses his new book, “The Pricing of Progress: Economic Indicators and the Capitalization of American Life.”

Fences and Neighbors: A Story of Friendship Across the Divide

Veteran American-Israeli journalist Gwen Ackerman discusses her debut novel, “Goddess of Battle,” a story of an unlikely friendship between two women.

The Wild West (Bank): The Allegory That Keeps on Giving

Israeli novelist Assaf Gavron discusses his book, “The Hilltop: A Novel,” and explains why a secular Tel Avivian chose to set the plot in the West Bank.

Worth a Thousand Words: Hitler and Nazism in US Editorial Cartoons

Dr. Rafael Medoff discusses his book, “Cartoonists Against the Holocaust,” about how US newspapers perceived and reacted to the rise of Hitler.

“I’m a Jewish Man in Love with a Hitler Youth”

Jupp, Salomon (Sally) Perel’s Nazi alter ego, which he had to play to survive in the Second World War, hasn’t left him more than 70 years on.

Are You There, Allah? It’s Me, Haroon

Haroon Moghul’s book weaves together stories of personal, political, and religious development, and answers questions about Islam for the perplexed.

Fast Forverts: Media and Culture in the US Jewish Labor Movement

Dr. Brian Dolber discusses his book, “Media and Culture in the US Jewish Labor Movement: Sweating for Democracy in the Interwar Period.”

Hebrew: The Revival of a Not-So-Dead Language

Lewis Glinert discusses his new book, “The Story of Hebrew,” a detailed biography of 3,500 years of life, presumed death, and resurrection.

TLV1 Extra: Unconventional Views on Current Events

David Benkof writes from a conservative Republican gay Orthodox Jewish perspective about why he voted for Clinton and moved to Israel as a Trump refugee.

Between a Rock and Hard Place: Jews of Buczacz Amid Rising Nationalism

Omer Bartov discusses his forthcoming book, “Anatomy of Genocide: The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz.”