Tel Aviv Review

The Survival of the Sentient: The Evolution of the Soul

Prof. Eva Jablonka, a philosopher of science at Tel Aviv University, discusses her forthcoming book “The Evolution of the Sensitive Soul”. Can we establish the development of conscience within the evolution process? And if so, how?

Quo Vadis, IDF?

The role of the IDF in Israeli life cannot be overstated, past and present. But the country, and the army, are changing. So are the missions Israel undertakes and the nature of warfare. Why is the famous people’s army seeing fewer and fewer Israelis turn up for the draft?

Bibi: The King is Alive, Long Live the King

Benjamin Netanyahu’s endurance as Prime Minister is matched only by his mystique. What lies behind his grip on Israeli society? How did he climb to the top, and what is the price of his long stay at the summit?

Occupation: The Law Gives and the Law Takes Away

Michael Sfard, one of Israel’s leading human rights lawyers, chronicles the lives and legal struggles of people who fight Israel’s occupation policy with its very own legal tools.

Shifting Attitudes Towards Israel and Zionism

For South African Jews, support for Israel has ceased to be the one thing they can all agree upon. Three distinguished panelists debate the meaning, old and new, of engaging with Israel as South African Jews.

Private Eyes: Data, Metadata and Civil Rights

How did Israel, a country with the world’s most advanced surveillance technology and minimal restrictions on using it, end up with a citizenry who display almost none of the data-squeamishness of their American and European counterparts?

Portrait of an Artist as a Feisty Activist

Isn’t art always political, and when it is not, is it just bad art? And what is the role of art in shaping our political outlook, when the Israeli reality offers little escape from politics?

Ignorance is Bliss? Black Africans’ Attitudes Towards Jews

Dr Adam Mendelson discusses his trailblazing study that seeks to map out the attitudes and perceptions of Black South Africans towards Jewish people in three major urban areas in the country.

How Did a Palestinian Terrorist Become Israel’s National Heart-Throb?

How do you fight a war by becoming the enemy and still keep your identity? Who are the good guys who are the bad guys? As Season 2 hits Netflix, Avi Issacharoff, the co-creator of hit TV series “Fauda,” tells all.

Looking Back: Memories of an Anti-Apartheid Activist

“I never thought I’d go back to live in South Africa,” says Lorna Levy, a trade unionist and anti-Apartheid activist who spent decades in exile after being banned from her native South Africa. Lorna reflects on her almost accidental activism, starting in her student days in 1950s Johannesburg.