The Tel Aviv Review

Romeo and Juliet Get Banned

Dorit Rabinyan discusses her controversial book “All The Rivers,” which became a bestseller after it was banned from high school required reading lists.

Occupation: Happy Birthday to You

Gershon Shafir publishes a new book that documents how Israelis and Palestinians experience the occupation in all its facets.

The Middle East: Guide to the Perplexed

Michael Hanna explains what he and his co-editor Thanassis Cambanis learned in their collection of 20 articles about Arab politics beyond the uprisings.

Unchain My Heart: Shulem Deen’s Breakaway From Radical Hasidism

Shulem Deen’s book “All Who Go Do Not Return” is on the extreme insularity of Hasidic life and his journey to the secular world.

No Occupation Without Annexation: Israel and the West Bank, 50 Years On

Has Israel’s ongoing seizure of the West Bank morphed into de facto annexation?

Because It’s There: Shifting Discourses in the ‘Temple Mount Faithful’ Movement

Dr. Shlomo Fischer discusses the evolution, from the 1970s until today, of attempts to lift the ban prohibiting Jewish entrance to the Temple Mount.

American Exceptionalism: Why the Nazis Looked up to US Race Laws

James Q. Whitman of Yale University began asking why Hitler referred to American legal precedents. What he discovered shocked him.

The New Sepharad: The Rise and Fall of Jewish Salonica

Stanford professor Aron Rodrigue discusses the history of Thessaloniki’s Jewish community, which became the largest Jewish city in Europe before Nazi occupation.

Israel, Slipping Through my Fingers

Larry Derfner discusses the chronicle of his twin ideological journey he’s made alongside Israel since 1985.

Attempting to Solve the Scholem Enigma

Hebrew University’s Dr. Amir Engel discusses his book about Gershom Scholem, one of Israel’s first public intellectuals.