The “Four Sons for a New Generation” Edition


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In this Passover potpourri of propitious, panegyric perspicacity, Don, Allison, and Noah update the old story in the Midrash about the four sons. Then they serve up a primo pastiche of past “Vatacountry!” pieces, in which the panel (and guests) describe stuff that delights, enchants, surprises, and amuses them about this crazy country we live in and love.

Four sons 3
Four Sons for a New Generation

We update the old story in the Midrash about the four sons – one wise, one evil, one simple, and one who does not know how to ask – by discussing who would be the modern versions of these ancient archetypes.


The Joys of Family

The Promised Podcast panel and guests discuss some of their most touching family moments in Israel, including birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries.


Hula Valley
The Unbearable Lightness of Being Israeli

The Promised Podcast panel and guests recall some of their more poignant moments in special places in Israel, whether it be the Hula Valley, the Jerusalem Hills, on the street or around the dinner table.


Ethiopian protest
Sometimes Israel Inspires

The Promised Podcast panel members tell stories about inspiring things they’ve witnessed in Israel: The kindness of strangers to a blind man; thought-provoking teaching in the army; and political activism among the younger generation.


Songs of slavery and freedom by some of Israel’s greatest:

Yehudah Poliker – Hatchalah Chadasha
Aviv Geffen – Onot
Berry Sakharov – Avadim
Shlomo Artzi – Shir Baboker Baboker

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