The “Love’s ‘lections Lost” Edition

Photo: Aharon Krohn/Flash90

In this very special, environmentally-sound, recycled edition of the Promised Podcast, we rebroadcast discussions about:

  • Whether the fact that the rabbis did not protest the passage of a very liberal abortion law means that we are mistaken about rabbinic reach and overreach
  • Whether we need more professorial types in politics, or whether the eggheads shouldn’t stay in their seminar rooms where they belong
  • Why Israeli parents are so unworried about the dangers facing their kids at play and out and about in the world.

Participating in today’s show are Allison, Don, Noah, Times of Israel Ops & Blogs Editor Miriam Herschlag, and Shaharit Think Tank Grand Puba Eilon Schwartz.


Coolooloosh, celebrating the tenth anniversary re-release of their classic album Elements of Sound and their forthcoming reunion concert at the Barbie in Tel Aviv on November 14.

  • People of the Street
  • Elements of Sound
  • Music Business
  • Lock your Doors

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One comment on “The “Love’s ‘lections Lost” Edition

  1. Stephen Krown says:

    Noah you are my anti-hero hero!
    Listening to you is like Barbra Streisand used to say,”like butter” !

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