The “Things Change (or They Don’t)” Edition

Photo: Aharon Krohn/Flash90

Allison Kaplan Sommer, Noah Efron and Don Futterman discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

The Bombshell was a Dud
A week after the Attorney General announced he’d be indicted for bribery and breach of trust, PM Netanyahu is more popular than before. Why?

أعتقد أن الأطفال هم مستقبلنا (I Believe Our Children are the Future)
More and more Israelis are sending their kids to Arabic-Hebrew bilingual schools. Are parents pursuing peace with their tots?

Long Ago, in the Cowshed
An American-Israeli posts on Facebook that Benny Gantz, who is challenging Netanyahu for Israelis premiership, exposed himself to her 42 years ago, when they were both in high school. Now what?

Extra Patron Segment
For our most generous Patreon supporters, we discuss in our extra-special, special extra segment a recent essay in Haaretz by Anschel Pfeffer, on-the-nosedly headlined, “After Replacing Netanyahu, Gantz’s Party Will Self-destruct. And That’s OK.” But is it really OK?

By child reality star turned teenage internet star turned just normal-old-23-year-old-pop-star, Shira Margalit!

  • Hey, Niv
  • Imma Tzodeket Tamid
  • Od Lo
  • Ba ve-Holekh

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One comment on “The “Things Change (or They Don’t)” Edition

  1. Opie Rosenfeld says:

    Love your podcast – it makes me feel somehow connected to current events in Israel. The story re the shomer Shabbat transplant recipient was of particular interest to me: my first job out of nursing school (1974-1976) was in the NICU at Beilinson, and I remember those days fondly, after all these years. Second, I am interested in any story about organ donation and transplant, not only as a nurse (still in the NICU, but now in Minneapolis MN) but also because our then-13-year-old son Daniel (z’al) died suddenly and fortunately, due largely to efforts to save his life was able to donate many organs and tissues. Our family maintains a very close relationship with the recipient of Daniel’s liver. Post-transplant, Brian met and married a lovely woman and they now have 4 beautiful daughters and(finally!) a darling boy named in Daniel’s memory😀.

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