Savoring the Poetic Artistry of Nadia Adina Rose

Photo: Nadia Adina Rose FB page

When Nadia Adina Rose describes her art, she might also be describing her poetry. In her artist statement section of her website, she notes the importance of memory and childhood imagination in her work:

Reality is also the space of memory, which takes us back to our childhood – when we used to be free of the banal, limiting experience; when imagination and the feeling of surprise evoked by objects formed the basis of our perception. In childhood, everything is “as if”: the picture on the blanket cover comes alive; the bedsheet flows down like a waterfall; the pillows turn into a snowy mountain; the spiral of an electric cable becomes the reflection of the sun in water.

These transformations presuppose a certain duality in the world of things, which exists simultaneously on the mundane, everyday level – and on a playful, fanciful level, which corresponds to the structure of a fairy tale.


Nadia Adina Rose Website, artist statement and poems translated by Linda Zisquit and Irit Sela

Haaretz Review by Shlomit Cohen-Asif, translated by Lisa Katz, in Poetry International Rotterdam

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  1. Great to hear Nadia Adina in English!

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