Rogel Alpher with Akin Ajayi – Journeys



Brought up in London, 6 year old Akin Ajayi had to change his residence to the hot-noisy-sweaty-crowded Lagos. Lagos is the largest city in southwestern Nigeria. He treated that as an adventure, but went through stages where he felt homesick. Although his English was impeccable Akin had a tough time making new friends as his Yoruba was quite poor. After the beginning of his first year in college Akin’s parents moved back to London.  He had the opportunity of joining them, but if he did this he would’ve had to retake all his final exams, if he decided to stay In Nigeria he would be able to finish up his studies there. Eventually Akin chose to stay in Nigeria, his decision was heavily based around the fact that he would have no parental supervision.
As a bachelor he reunited with his family in London and realized that he made the wrong decision in becoming a lawyer. Akin then started searching for a new path and along the way he gained a lot of  interest and experience within the field of children psychology. It was within this path that led Akin to Maya, an Israeli Jew who he fell in love with. In 2007 they built their home in Israel. It was another brand new start for Akin who is now a journalist whose main topic of writing is about literature.
In a peculiar way Israel and Nigeria have a few things in common, a fact that made Akin’s acclimatization easier.


Shuffering and Shmiling – Fela Kuti
Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You) – Stevie Wonder
Anotherloverholenyohead – Prince
Being Boring – Pet Shop Boys
Off Minor – Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane
I Have A Dream – Martin Luther King Jnr

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