The very first woman of the wall

Bonna Devora Haberman, a scholar, writer, and playwright, shared the story of the birth of the Women of the Wall with host Rogel Alpher. Bonna passed away this week.

Promoting coexistence through the environment… and vice versa – Journeys

Originally from California and now based in Israel, Rabbi Yonatan Neril is the Founding Director of the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development.

“Our lives will only get better. Here’s why” – Journeys

Prof. Joel Mokyr is a world-renowned economic historian & award winning author who made Aliyah after WW2. He currently teaches at Northwestern University.

The Jewish educator who “adopted” one of her students – Journeys

Debbie Goldsmith is the Director of Aardvark Israel, a gap year program in Israel for Jewish students, which she co-founded with the late Keith Berman.

Robin Twite on calling Israel “home” – Journeys

Robin Twite, a former representative of the British Council in Israel, joins TLV1 to discuss the changes he has witnessed in Israel over the years.

Doug Altabef on rethinking the American dream – Journeys

Doug Altabef says the desire to contribute to the building of a young country was enough to persuade his family to make the move from New York to Israel.

Dr. Dina Wyshogrod teaches us how to live in the moment – Journeys

Dr. Dina Wyshogrod is a clinical psychologist and the Founding Director of the Israeli Center for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

Meet the man behind Secret Tel Aviv – Journeys

If you’re an expat living in Israel and you’ve moved here in the past few years, you’ve most likely heard of Secret Tel Aviv…

How novelist Ayla Adler found inspiration in the Negev – Journeys

When Ayla Adler, a teacher at the University of Michigan, was 40 years old and mourning the death of her brother’s baby, she had a sudden, unexplained desire to visit Israel.

Finding a spiritual home in Israel – Journeys

Thomas Hubl is a contemporary spiritual teacher: Tune in to hear everything you wanted to know about spiritual practice but were afraid to ask.