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We may not be able to broadcast from a sukkah, but we are here to get you in joyous Sukkot mood with a mixture of some great new songs together with some of the classic songs of the holiday on this special episode.

Avinu Malkeinu – Yossi Idan
La’uf al HaChaim – Miki Ozen
Bo’u Na’uf – Kobi Peretz
Ose Li Tov – Itzik Mizrachi
Etzel HaDoda V’HaDod – Noa Kirel & Agam Buchbut
Koh Samoi – Shir Zoaretz
Ba Li Lurked – Moti Taka
Puerto Rico – Dor Vaknin ft. Mario Roffe
Misaviv LaShaon – Matan Agami
Kvish Mahir – Shai Mika
Yerushalayim Mikdasheinu – Eli Ben Harush
Patish Masmer
Shlomit Bona Such
Sukati HaSuka

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