This Week’s Israeli Soundtrack

Photo: Stephane Legar Facebook

We bring you the latest Israeli music releases from Stephane Legar, Kobi Peretz, Omer Adam, and many more!

Kapara – Stephane Legar
Mama Mia – Kobi Peretz
Show Uh – Bencho ft Casey
Ani Lo Ani – Mergui
L’Olam B’Ikvot HaShemesh – Omer Adam ft Adar Gold
Linshom – Shir Zoaretz
Yesh Mi SheShomer Alai – Danielle Yafe
Kulam Oto Davar – Harel Skaat ft Osher Bachta
Shwarma – Natchi Natch
Nitra’e B’Gilgul HaBa – Natchi Natch
Litfos Ota – Idan Maimon ft Guy Mazig
Ach Sheli Mitchaten – Doli & Pan ft Mosh Ben-Ari
Lishontzli – Ben Zini & Taylor
Dekirot Ktanot – Amir Azrieli
Lo Yotzet Li MiHaRosh – Yam Rafaeli

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1 comment on “This Week’s Israeli Soundtrack

  1. Alexey says:

    The nickname is Nechi Nech.
    And the new album was released under the artist’s real name – Ravid Plotnik.

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