The Kol Cambridge 5780 Soundtrack

Photo: Mendy Hechtman/Flash90

Let’s start the new year with new releases from Sarit Hadad, Omer Adam, Eve & Lear, and others, alongside holiday tunes to get us all in a new year’s mood.

Yami – Eve & Lear
Ego B’Azrielli – Shira Kai Cohen
B’emtza HeChayim – Shaked Komemi ft Josie
Kum – Asaf Goren
Lo Omeret Lo Klum – Sarit Hadad
Nipagesh Bismachot – Omer Adam
38 Ma’alot – Nadav Guedj
HaShachar Ole – Shachar Soul
Od Yavo Yom – Udi Damari
Tzvita BaLev – Louis Ali
Tayeret – Riko
Sheyavo – Avi Ilson
Adon HaSelichot – Itzik Kala
Shana Tova
Baderech L’Uman – Itzik Dadiya
B’Rosh Hashana
Ochila La’el – Yitzchak Meir ft Udi Davidi

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