The Best Music of 2019

As we begin a new year, we pause to reflect on the most entertaining tunes of 2019, and look forward to another fantastic year of Israeli music.

Pouch – Noa Kirel
HaZug HaZe – Mergui
Tni Li Rega – Mergui
Chatzuf – Noa Kirel
Yasu – Static & Ben-el Tavori ft Eden Ben Zaken & Stephane Legar
Bananot – Static & Ben-el Tavori
Yom Huledet – Stephane Legar ft Ofek HaMalach
Lemonade – Agam Buchbut
Yom Hashishi – Omer Adam
Baruch HaShem – Kobi Peretz
HaBat Shelach Meuhevet – Maor Edri
HaSimcha Shelanu – Dudu Aharon & Itai Levi
International Love – Adiel ft Snoop Dogg
Ose Ma SheBa Li – Subliminal
Mi SheLo Tov Lo – Louis Ali
V’David Yefe Einayim – A-WA

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