Your Israeli Soundtrack for the New Year

Photo: Yossi Aloni/FLASH90

Join us as we kick off the new year with a musical bang. We’ll listen to the new Ultras album, check out new music from Omer Adam, Shrek & Tzukush, and have a peek at Adi Ulmansky’s latest work.


  • Bo’i Nirkod – HaUltras
  • On & Off – HaUltras ft Liam Benisti
  • Tzodeket – HaUltras
  • Yahalom Notzetz – HaUltras
  • Lo Yachol L’horid Mimech et HaEinayim – Rotem Cohen & Kobi Aflalo
  • Lo Yachol – Kele 6
  • Margish et Ze BaBeten – Reva L’Africa
  • Mr Superman – Shmuel Frednik
  • Kmo She’At – Holiday ft Yohann Buchnik
  • Todo Es La Musica – Omer Adam & Chico Castillo
  • Od – Shrek & Tzukush
  • Ad Mochrotayim – Liron Bechor
  • Perach HaMidbar – Adi Ulmansky
  • La’Uf – Adi Ulmansky ft Avraham Tal
  • Me’Eifo HaKoach – Daniel Bar-El ft Gentleman & Juicy

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