Your Israeli Soundtrack for August

Photo by Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

We’ve got the latest summer hits including new releases from Static & Ben-El, Itay Levi, Mook E and many more.


Lo Rotze L’hitchaten – Dudu Aharon & Zehava Ben

Carnaval – Static & Ben-El Tavori

Zizi – HaUltras ft DJ Gal Malka

Disco Mizrachit – Gal Adam

12 BaLaila – Itay Levi

Tarimu – Itay Levi

Kirkasim – Itay Levi

Hananya (Gil Lugasy Remix) – Chanan Ben Ari

Sof Sof – Re’em Bakal ft Coral Bismut

Ata V’Ani – Esther Rada

Ana’aref – Anna RF

Daber Iti Pachot – Elit Shaul

Mashu Acher – Lehakat Shalva

Yalda Tova – Ben Zini

Ma SheOver Alai – Mook E

Chile Colombia – Rotem Cohen

Bella Mia – Ethnix

Ole al Shulchanot – Marina Maksimilian & Itay Galo

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