The “give peace a deadline” edition – The Promised Podcast


Allison, Don, and Noah discuss three topics of incomparable importance, and end with an anecdote each about something in Israel that made them smile this week.


Give peace a deadline

The recent Palestinian proposal to the UN Security Council mandates peace negotiations that must, within a year, produce an agreement ending the occupation and establishing a state in Palestine. A deadline on peace? Where will it lead?


Yishay boy, he used to be my boy

Eli Yishai, the natty ex-Shas leader has just started his own competing party, Ha’am Itanu (The Nation is with Us). This makes us wonder, can Eli Yishai remake Mizrahi politics in Israel?


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Shabbat Sha-shut-up

Why did a campaign promoting Shabbat observance have everyone grousing and grumbling? We ask, what’s all the fuss about?



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