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Allison, Don, and Noah discuss three topics of incomparable importance, and end with an anecdote each about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

The anti-social network
We discuss the tragedy of a government bureaucrat who, accused on Facebook of racism against an African-American woman seeking his help, shot himself in the head this week. Is the power of social network rage something we need to tamp?

The legacy of leaving Lebanon
On the 15th anniversary of Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from its self-declared “security zone” in southern Lebanon, we ask what imprint the occupation and withdrawal left on today’s world. Was the withdrawal a heroic turning point in Israeli political history?

Labor’s loser?!?
We discuss the documentary, “Herzog,” which aired this week and led journalists and politicians to pile onto Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog. What do we learn from the film about the leader of opposition, who still hopes to one day be Prime Minister?



All songs by Igor Krutogolov’s Karate Band & Toy Orchestra – it’s punk klezmer performed on toy instruments, people!

Skeleton Dance
Mad Medow
Last Supper Souffle

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