The “69 Years” Edition, Being a Celebration of Independence


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Allison, Noah and Don observe Memorial Day and celebrate Independence Day by discussing three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

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Sorrow, Loss & Politics

We discuss the complicated place of bereaved families in Israeli political discourse, where they are undisparagable disparagers.



69 Years

We engage in a thought experiment about what two immigrants to Israel in 1948, a mother from Meknes and a survivor from Prague, would think about Israel today, if they could see it.



“And To the Glory of the State of Israel!”

We ask who we would choose to light the traditional twelve torches marking the start of Independence Day and symbolizing what is best about this remarkable country.



Songs for Yom Haatzmaut!:

Zemer Nogah, performed by Shoshana Damari and Yoav Yizhak
Shalom Lach Eretz Nehederet, performed by Sheigitz
Hakhi Yisraeli, written and performed by Hatikvah 6
Barukh ha-Ba le-Yisrael, written and performed by Sarit Hadad

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