The “Will Politics be on the Midterm?” Edition

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Noah, Don and Allison (joined by uber-researcher to the stars, Amit Ashkenazi) discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

Is the Man Israel Needs a Moroccan, Ultra-Orthodox Woman?
The only female candidate to head the Labor Party is Dina Dayan, an ultra-Orthodox woman from the nether reaches of the Negev Desert. In a socko election ad, she attacked the party she aims to lead as racist and out-of-touch. Is she the future of the Israeli Left?

Will Politics be on the Midterm?
A “Code of Ethics” for college and university teachers is being advanced by the Minister of Education. It aims to keep teachers from talking politics in the classroom, but is being decried by the professoriate as an attack on democracy.

Babies for LGBTQ Folk? Nyet!
Was Israel was wrong to acquiesce to Russia’s diktat that babies adopted from there not got to LGBTQ folks?

All songs by KGC (Kiryat Gat City)
Le-Khol Sof
Yom Yavo
Avesha Sheli
Adon kol ha-Briot, with Dani Almio

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