The “Is Netanyahu Over?” Edition

Photo: Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90

Haaretz-writer and media-whiz Ohad Zeltzer-Zubida, Allison Kaplan Sommer, and Noah Efron discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week.

Is Netanyahu Done?
Hemingway said, folks go bankrupt gradually, then all at once. Has PM Netanyahu lost his political power in the same way?

Brits, Canucks, Aussies, Kiwis, Saffers, Rhodies, Paddies, Scots & Yanks
There’s a new group aiming to politically empower English-speaking Israelis, on the theory that we’ve got a thing or two to teach everyone else. Do Israel’s Brits, Yanks and Aussies offer a way out of the country’s political mess?

Boys on TV
What are we to make of the heart-rending Israeli HBO series about the 2014 murders of Jewish kids by Palestinians and a Muslim kid by Jews, that forces us to doubt a lot of what we thought about ourselves?

Our Favorite Getaway Spots in Israel
For our most extremely generous Patreon supporters, in our extra-special, special extra segment, we jammer about some of our favorite vacation spots in Israel.

All this and the uncategorizable vocal genius of Faye Shapiro!


Faye Shapiro, in honor of her brand new, first album, Elef Nishikot

  • Shabbat Shalom
  • Lamah Hitahavti?
  • Simi Libech
  • Adamhuu

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