The “Who the Hell Would Vote for Them, Too?!?” Edition

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A weeks and a bit before elections, Don Futterman, Noah Efron and Haaretz uber-reporter Judy Maltz, in an act of political empathy and imagination, ask for each of the parties to the Left of the Likud, why might someone vote for them.

Why Vote for the Joint List?
Has the Joint List just violated Israel’s longest standing taboo, the one that says Jewish Israelis and Palestinian Israelis can never be true political allies?

Why Vote for the Democratic Union?
Is the “Democratic Union” Israel’s only party with the guts to say, with Chicken Little, that the sky is falling?

Why Vote for Labor-Gesher?
Labor-Gesher says, “Imagine a world where the party that founded the country was not arrogantly Ashkenazi-centric, and where a Labor Party actually cared about workers.” Will that get them votes?

Why Vote for Blue-&-White?
Blue-&-White says, “We deserve a government that is parve, lackluster, colorless, ho-hum, devoid of both bells and whistles.” Why will more than a million Israelis vote for them?

What’s Killing Israel’s Lone Soldiers?
For our most extremely generous Patreon supporters, we discuss Judy Maltz’s remarkable reporting of the alienation and spiritual ennui of “lone soldiers,” kids who go into the army as if it’s a cool, gap-year program.

And, introducing, the future of Israeli singer-songwriting, Soundflower (aka, Lior Doron)!


Soundflower, AKA Lior Doron (Look for her on Soundcloud)

  • Hopeless
  • The Hit
  • I’m in Control

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