The “We 3 at Z3” Edition

Recording live at the spectacular Z3 Conference in Palo Alto (home of Theranos Technologies), Allison Kaplan Sommer, Don Futterman and Noah Efron explore the theme of the conference, One People, Two Centers, Three Opinions.

One People?
Some of our smartest cogitators – Rabbis, scholars, writers, organizers and activists – draft a “Declaration of Our Common Destiny”: a sort of constitution of the Jewish People, by the Jewish People, and for the Jewish People. Is this a good thing?

Two Centers?
For long generations, American Jews have tried to leave their mark on the Jews of Israel, and the Jews of Israel have tried to leave their mark on American Jewry. What’s all that effort add up to? Have we, in fact, influenced one another much at all and, if so, how?

Three Opinions?
The divide between Jewish Zionists and Jewish anti-Zionists pits children against their folks, students against their teachers. What should we make of it?

All this and the scrappy, indie, Tel Aviv band, 16 Poly.

16 Poly

  • Hollywood (Featuring Rony Alter)
  • Tangerine Girl (Featuring Rony Alter)
  • For Killing My Nightmares (Featuring Rony Alter)
  • Banana Nights

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